– material and technological stagecrafts of performance design through video and animation

music by Wooky


At Desilence, we are pioneers in the application of video on stage, transforming physical scenography into visual scenography. We treat the stage as if it were a video mapping surface, and the video as a scenery in movement. And we always seek a balance between form and content—the path that runs between geometry and chance and leads us towards emotion.

We participate in projects from the beginning, carrying out the technical and artistic direction and taking charge of the contents, design, animation and editing. We are backed by more than ten years of experience working on plays and dance shows, including Little Prince, No Dance, No Paradise!, by Pere Faura, Incurables, and Around the World by Brodas Bros.


“Incurables” Pere Faura (2019-)
“Around The World” Brodas Bros (2019-)
“Alícia” Marta Butchaca (2017-)
“Petit Príncep, El Musical” Angel Llàcer/ Manu Guix (2014- )
“Sin Baile no hay paraíso” Pere Faura (2013- )
“Camins” Kulbik (2013-2015)
“Wish” Cobosmika (2012-2015)
“Acaba’t la sopa” Anna Llopart i Farrés (2011-2018)
“Geronimo Stillton” Angel Llàcer / Manu Guix (2010-2014)
“Bella Durmiente” David Campos (2009-2013)

Theatre and Dance Festivals:

    • ARGEkultur
    • Beijing Dance Festival
    • Cap Roig Festival
    • Escena Uno Danza Sud
    • Festival Ambivalence(s)
    • Festival Castell de Peralada
    • Festival De La Porta Ferrada
    • Festival MOVE!
    • Festival pays de danses
    • FID
    • Julidans Festival
    • Kemptener TANZherbst
    • La Ligue de l’Enseignement fédération des Pyrénées Orientals
    • Temporada Alta
    • TNT

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